About Academy Cleaning

Academy  Cleaning  Services  are  currently serving the coast in all aspects of cleaning for both the business and domestic communities. Academy   are   proficient   in   all   aspects including   carpet,   upholstery   and   curtain cleaning,  marble  floor polishing, daily office and  shop  cleaning,  fire  and  flood damage restoration   and   construction   cleans. Academy's   reputation  is  rapidly  growing  as  one of  the few professional and highly experienced cleaning companies on the coast.   Mr. Dominic Packwood  the  founder and owner was Managing Director of a successful commercial cleaning business in the UK  for  over  27  years.  He was responsible for over 300 staff and had built the UK business  up  from  a  small  window  cleaning  round.  His experience in the industry is second to none.
Mr. Packwood says  "When
 a  lot of  people  arrive  here  on  the  coast  they  are looking  for  a  quick  way to make a living, many turn to cleaning although they have  little  or  no  experience  of  the  industry.   They  come   from   numerous backgrounds  in England and have no idea what is required to clean proficiently. They are often  unsupervised  and uninsured. I believe that everyone should stick to what they know best."
Contacting  Academy  Cleaning  you  will  almost  always speak  directly  with  either Dominic  or  Julie Packwood  and will  be given honest and professional advice on all your cleaning  requirements.  They  will  be  happy  to  visit  your home  or office and provide a quotation.