Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Academy Cleaning use the most up  to  date carpet cleaning techniques to offer  you  the  best  possible service. Dirt and soil are easily seen  on  a  hard  surface and soon wipe off, but on carpets and fabrics  it can soon  work  it's  way  deep into   the   fibers   where   the abrasive action will cause them to  deteriorate.

A dirty carpet is also an  unhealthy  carpet, if you haven't had your  carpets  cleaned  in the last twelve  months they will be full of bacteria, fungus, chemicals, dust, food particles, germs, pollen, grease, grit and dust mites.

We  use  a  cleaning  system  that  deep  cleans your carpets, flushing  the  dirt  and  pollutants  from  the  fibres with self-neutralizing  cleaning  chemicals  that  are also non-toxic and bio-degradable, leaving your carpets clean and fresh again.

It  is  worth  noting  that  virtually  every carpet manufacturer recommends  that  their  carpets  are  professionally  cleaned every 12/24 months and some are now making it a compulsory condition of their wear warranties.