Construction Cleans

At Academy Cleaning we provide as detailed cleaning as the new construction requires. We are typically the final phase in   the construction  process prior to owners moving in. Detailed  builder's  cleaning consists of removing construction dust and light debris.

Our  work  also  includes the removal of all labels and stickers  from  fixtures, windows, etc., along with the removal  of  excess  sealant  and   paint   over-spray.  In addition,  we refinish tiled floors and prepare the overall building for habitation.

From small  renovations  to major construction, Academy Cleaning will detail your  facility  making it available for move-in conditions. Over  the  years  we  have  continuously  been  faced with the problem of  cleaning  around work in progress, and yet we still help our customers achieve their handover dates. If  you want  to hand over a spotless building, both inside and out, you need look no further.