Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo and Marble Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration

If every day wear and tear has removed the lustre from your marble floors then call Academy cleaning for our marble restoration and polishing system. Marble is a natural material that is millions of years old. It is used to produce magnificent tiled floors, kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity units and wall tiles. It is very important to use products and machinery specifically designed for the restoration of marble. Being a porous compound marble can be extremely sensitive to the wrong applications, which can damage or stain the marble permanently.

Marble ranges in many colours and is usually heavily veined. It is classified into 3 categories.

1/ DOLOMITE : If it has more than 40% magnesium carbonates.
* Does not provide a high polish, however it is extremely durable.

2/ MAGNESIUM: If it has between 5% and 40% magnesium carbonate.
* Usually provides a polish with less finish and reflectivity and are more durable than calcite marble.

3/ CALCITE: If less than 5% magnesium carbonate.
*Calcite marbles provide the highest polish, however they are more sensitive to acids and alkali chemicals.

 Natural Stone Restoration & Polishing

We offer services to corporate and private clients for the maintenance and restoration of Marble, Limestone, Granite Quarry Tiles and almost all other types of natural stone.

Marble and natural stone restoration is a highly skilled job as stone can be ruined very easily by inexperienced tradesmen.

You will find a lot of companies offering this service and using extremely harsh abrasives and acids to destroy your stone for you. When this occurs we can usually fix their problem but it can cost a lot more to sort out. Get the marble and stone restoration done right first time, call us.